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Remember that skirt I posted in this post? Well I told you I had added channels inside the seams to put draw-strings through so that I could bustle and change the skirt to fit the occasion, and now, I have pictures to share!

Here is that very same skirt with the drawstrings tied up. I bought some extra long shoe laces off of ebay, and strung them through the channels. When the drawstrings are untied, the skirt hangs at its full length, but when you pull the drawstring, the skirt gathers around it to form this stunning bustle.

Here is a close up,

And from the other side. The skirt can’t be made super short, but it the drawstring can pull it up to about my knees, if I wanted.

Yup, I’m very happy with how it turned out.

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I am seriously thinking of making a steampunk outfit to wear to cons, festivals, and whenever I feel like confusing civilians on the street. I’m so serious that I’ve begun meticulously researching and sketching my steam-punk ambitions. There are two pencil sketches to get my thoughts in order, and one color design that combines my favorite elements from both.

Sketch by Shauna Leva

Sketch by Shauna Leva

In this color sketch, the skirt will be made with four draw-strings, allowing me to change the length and degree of bustle of the skirt at will. I can make the front shorter, the side shorter, the whole thing shorter….you get the idea. Or I can wear the whole skirt at full length, which will be near my ankles.

Sketch by Shauna Leva

Please, let me know what you think!! Should I make this costume? It would be a lot of work, so I want to get opinions on how I can improve the design before I get started.

Thanks in advance!

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My latest obsession is wanting to make myself some fabulous gothic lolita, and victorian style clothing to wear to conventions, renaissance fairs, LARPing, and to parties. Or just whenever I feel like it.

Too bad spring semester is just starting and I won’t have any time to sew until spring break. So all I can do for now is dream and scheme about all the cool things I’m going to make once I have the time. I have been scouring the internet for all sources of inspiration and have come across a few good sites. Here are some that offer free patterns or tutorials.



I have also found some really great inspiration on ebay. Not that I can afford most of the lolita clothing on ebay, but its still worth looking at.


Look at THAT. You can find these dresses at this ebay store. Free advertising, there you go. This merchandise is gorgeous. However, I have not bought anything from this store (because of how expensive these things get) so I cannot advise you on the quality of their clothing. Though at $120 a dress, I bet its pretty good.

I am truly in love with that blue dress, and I want to try and make a similar skirt this summer. I have also been filling up my sketch book with ideas of things that I want to make both for my lolita looks and to use up some of the extra fabric that I have lying around.

I’m especially excited to pair some fabulous skirts with my new overbust corset. Now if only I had the time!

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