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Hey readers,

As per requested, today I have some low-resolution progress pictures of my upcoming steampunk which will debut at this year’s New York Comic Con. These pictures were either taken on my cell phone, web camera, or in low light so I apologize for the grain or blurriness, but at least the debut will be that much more special for the image quality.

This first picture of a progress picture of the skirt. I drafted the pattern myself and it involves a lot of ruffles! The skirt is now complete and this garment alone took about 30 hours to complete.

Here’s a picture of the incomplete bustle, which is now also complete. I once again drafted my own pattern and constructed the piece myself using some beautiful brocades and a textured satin.

This picture isn’t exactly of progress but it is a compilation of patterns that I ALMOST used. There was a pattern sale going on while I was constructing my steampunk, and while I only used one of the patterns featured here for the top of the costume, I got a lot of inspiration from the pictures and did a lot of sketching and revising on their account. They would all make great steampunk patterns and hopefully they can be useful to you.

This is a quick shot of the vest in progress. Those laces will not be final and are just to test what kind I need. Not that kind, that’s for sure. The laces will ultimately go down my whole back. You can also see some of the back of the finished skirt. That’s my process update for now! More to come later this month.

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Hey all,

My cosplay group “Meta Cosplay” has a brand new facebook page. We have been cosplaying together for several years and have finally gotten around to making an official fan page on Facebook. You have seen the group’s work featured here on this blog several times already cosplaying from the X-Men, Howl’s Moving Castle, and Beauty & The Beast.

We already have our next cosplay in the works, so like our page and stay in the loop! https://www.facebook.com/MetaCosplay

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Below is a collection of Cosplay photographs that I took on Saturday at New York Comic Con 2011, and the New York Anime Festival. If you see a photo of yourself, and would like me to send it to you, send me an email!



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I’ll tell you now that my favorite part of New York Comic Con was the free hand-outs. Josh and I amassed enough free stuff together that I am going to give it its own post. Most other cons do not give away stuff on the scale that Comic Con does. IGN even hosted a whole panel dedicated to passing out stuff to fans who would line up hours in advance for it (we did not get in, however)! Everything in these photographs, with the exception of the passes, was free!!

Josh and I had a pretty good haul this year! As you can see from these photographs. The Nintendo booth was my favorite place to get free things; they were handing out pins and shirts to anyone who tried their new games. I got to play the unreleased Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, and afterwards I received a free Skyward Sword T-shirt. I also played Ocarina of Time, Starfox, and Pokemon Battle Rumble on the 3DS and got pins and a pokemon draw-string bag.

There was a woman passing out posters from a Cartoon Network game, and I got a bottle cap opener for giving a free-movie site my email address. While Josh was walking around sunday, he snagged us two Funimation shirts and Ativision tote bags. While he was exploring the show-floor, hunting for SWAG, I was playing Uncharted 3, and unreleased 3rd person shooter for the PS3. My team won, and so we all got free shirts.

There were also tons of people handing out post cards and flyers and business cards all weekend. Which still counts as free stuff, even if it is mostly printed SPAM. Some of it has really cool artwork on it. Vendors were also often handing out stickers with their websites on them. Kind of like a business card, but more people want it.

Let’s see… someone handed us some X-box 360 lanyards and Josh got two free Mega-man comic books signed by the author just for waiting in a short line, while I went over to the animal planet booth to get a big-foot lanyard.

Finally, we also experienced a glorious instance of free-stuff when we attended the “Indy Plush Maker’s Workshop.” After telling us about their toys and the industry, the toymakers threw free toys at the Audience. Josh and I each got a medium sized toy from Kid Robot, as well as a pack of little dancing guys, called “Breakers” by the Kid Robot peeps. We also got some pins from “I Heart Bears.” Mine is a bear dressed as Rogue from the X-men.

My review of the NYCC will be up soon, and you can then read how I felt about the rest of the convention. As for the free stuff, I loved it!!

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Here is a little video I made giving an overview of the crowd and atmosphere at this year’s New York Comic Con. You can think of it as teaser content. Enjoy.

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