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To kick off my new line of leather costume pieces, we have some leather necklaces and bracelets in the Etsy shop! All super affordable and 100% hand made. What’s most exciting is that these are just the beginning. I start pushing out armor next week! Check it out.

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Hey all,

My cosplay group “Meta Cosplay” has a brand new facebook page. We have been cosplaying together for several years and have finally gotten around to making an official fan page on Facebook. You have seen the group’s work featured here on this blog several times already cosplaying from the X-Men, Howl’s Moving Castle, and Beauty & The Beast.

We already have our next cosplay in the works, so like our page and stay in the loop! https://www.facebook.com/MetaCosplay

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Here are some cute convention photos of Gaston and his Bimbettes from Connecticon 2012

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Here are some more stand-out pictures from my latest cosplay. You can find the page for this costume, with more pictures and construction details here!


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Here are a few pictures from my latest cosplay, debuted at Connecticon 2012, Gaston and his Bimbettes. I am Claudia, the one in red. The Bimbettes do have names believe it or not! Claudia (red), Paula (green), and Laura (yellow.) At least I think that’s the order.

While at the Convention we met a great looking Belle, and asked her to join us for a photoshoot. These are just a few teaser photos! You will have to visit the construction page to see more.

Our original coordinated group is here below. We all made our costumes collaboratively over the internet so that they would all match when the convention finally arrived.

You can find more pictures and construction details on this page!

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Just a friendly reminder that my Studio Open House will be taking place today from 12-5pm. Located at….

Western Avenue Studios #527
122 Western Avenue
Lowell, MA 01851

Stop by if you’re looking for something to do, and check out what over 100 artists are up to in this old converted mill space. Original Artwork, and prints will be for sale.

Make sure you dress appropriately for the weather, as the building does not have air conditioning! The easiest way to access my studio, which is at #527, is by going in the yellow door, and taking either the freight elevator (which will have an operator shuttling people up and down), or the stairs.

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Hi there readers,

Here are some of the video interviews that I did for Nerd Caliber at Connecticon 2012. I know there are more out there somewhere, because I did interviews the day before this in a different costume, but they don’t seem to be up yet. I will post them when I find them!

League of Legend Cosplayers

Super Mario Group


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