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Hey all, I finally have all the pictures back from the recent photo shoot of my new steampunk outfit. The photo shoot was conducted in Hartford at the beautiful Bushnell park. Many of the park’s landmarks were built during the victorian era, giving the shoot that extra touch of authenticity. Now, as exciting as these photos are, you know I can’t give them to you all at once! I will post four pictures at a time, as to not make the posts too long. So check back all next week!

This first picture is of me in my American-gypsy-cancan costume. In steampunk, it is customary to invent a character on which to base your costume. Mine is of an American pioneer dancer. Though this photo shows off the costume really well, it was terribly windy that day, and a good chunk of my shots featured my hair all in my mouth and over my eyes.

This is a shot of our lovely behinds! This photo shoot was of both myself, and my friend Kelley. Also an American character, but in this case, she is a former soldier. Both of our characters are said to have fled the states after getting into some sort of trouble. That’s about all of a backstory we needed to make some pretty unconventional steampunk outfits for our unconventional characters. Despite all the frills and lace, they are strong, risqué, and independent female characters for this conservative alternative era.

This is the front of Kelley’s costume. Again, she looks great here despite the wind and the freezing cold temperatures that day.

And the last photo for this post; the two of us together. These photos are just a little teaser for you. There are plenty more spectacular shots to come! Thanks for reading.

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Because I clearly don’t have enough other work to keep me busy (sarcasm) I decided to make a three-tiered Lolita skirt in order to use up some of the fabric I have left over from my past costumes. I have TONS of fabric. Either I bought too much or I found a sale or I  dismantled old clothes for their fabric, and I have ended up with three big bins worth of extra fabric. Some of it is in big pieces and most of it in small scraps. A skirt like this was a good way to use up some fabric without requiring one continuous piece.

The skirt was really simple to make. I used the waist band from a skirt pattern that I already had lying around, and I made my own “pattern for the rest of the skirt” Basically, the first ruffled tier is 2-times my waist (waist being where the skirt would sit above my hips, and not my waist at its smallest), the second tier is 3-times my waist, and the third tier is 4-times my waist.

I made the skirt red, because I had a lot of red fabric. And I put lots of bows on the side because I just learned how to make those bows, even though they’re like the simplest thing ever, and I really like them…so I put on seven….

I also added some black lace on the bottom because I do love black and red.

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