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Finally, I have gotten the photos back from New York Comic Con. This  year I headed into the city with a big group of friends to get our nerd on. All the ladies in the group, four in total, attended the convention in steampunk. Below is my costume, mixed in with some group pictures including the other lovely ladies of my cosplay group, MetaCosplay.

I find New York Comic Con to be too crazy and crowded of a convention to cosplay a popular character. There is no room to have your picture taken anyhow, and the days are so long that not having to worry about a wig or high shoes is really the only way to make it through. New York City is exhausting, so a comfortable steampunk or street clothes is the only way to keep me in a good mood after a long day of crowd-wading and line-waiting.

This Steampunk is my own original design, imagined through an effort to make a steampunk the likes of which I have never seen before. The character is an American “business women” from the western frontier, who got into some “trouble” and had to “flee the country.” She is now essentially a high-class gypsy, traveling with friends and associates from both the U.S. and England.

Our group was supposed to meet up with a photographer from Nerd Caliber on Saturday of the con to have some better pictures taken, but in the madness of the con and the lack of cell-phone service at the Javits, we never connected. Which is just as well because I have some edits I would like to make to the accessorizing of this outfit. If the weather holds out a little longer, the ladies and I should be able to arrange a real photoshoot in early november. But for now, these pictures are all I’ve got.

The convention itself was a great time, but mostly because of the good company. As I said, the convention was too crowded to take pictures at, so I don’t have much else to report! Again, I will hopefully have more, and better pictures of this costume next month.

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Do you guys love Halloween? If you’re here because you like Cosplay, like I do, then you probably like Halloween. What’s not to love? It’s a day when the rest of the world shares in the hobby which you practice year round, and a day to really show off your skills to the general¬†public. A day where instead of getting weird and dirty looks for walking down the street in your homemade Startwars costumes and oversized skirts, you are applauded for your originality and meticulous planning. Anyway I digress.

I wanted to tell you about a new line of Halloween themed accessories available in my Etsy store. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Why is she trying to sell us things? That’s annoying! I can make my costume stuff myself!” Well, some of you don’t make your own costume things, and even if you do, we may not work in the same mediums or have the same skills. I’m not trying to sell you something for cosplay so much as help you display your love of Halloween in a new and original way, if you desire to do so! Plus my Halloween items are really cheap! Like, $5-$20 cheap.

I make accessories and themed jewelry out of vegetable tanned leather. This stuff is really durable, and the paint and sealant I use is waterproof and color fast, so these items are going to last a long time. I have lots of fun and colorful jewelry featuring Jack-o-lanterns, and candy corns. But I also have some great super hero masks if you do need to finish off a cosplay but can’t find the right mask to do so with. These items also make great gifts for Children, or a standout accessory for that super colorful Halloween party at the end of the month.

Each of these items are hand made a one of a kind. If you like the dress up, stand out from the crowd, and have custom made accessories that no one else on the planet has, then I invite you to take a look at my shop, and snatch these items before they are gone.

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