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Today I have a few more photos of X-23, taken before Halloween at a party. They are a little brighter than your average con pics.

A costume like this gets easier to wear each time you do it. The first time you put on a costume there’s always those problems that spring up after an hour or so of walking around in it. With this costume it was the copious amounts of hair in front of my and the talons on my feet. The talons were so cumbersome that I actually took them off within the first few minutes at Connecticon, and I will probably never reattach them except for a picture someday.

To solve the hair problem without thinning the wig I actually pinned a little back for this party. You can’t really tell that the hair is pinned how it is, but there’s a huge difference in the amount of hair falling in my face and over my shoulders here as compared to CTcon.

I would like to wear this costume to a con again soon because I feel so cool in it. Maybe Anime Boston???

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