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I reached my goal of finishing 90% of my Sheik costume before I went back to school.  Now I have one week during Spring Break before the convention to put on the finishing touches.

While at school I will focus on my Tanto and helping Josh make this Ike costume if he needs it. I hope that we can round up more people for this cosplay! A large Brawl Group would be fantastic!

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Sheik Update

I only have three days to get Sheik 90% done before I have to go back to school. I will have one week in the spring to do the final touches, but I’d like to have as much as possible done before that. I do my best work far in advance. I have updated the Sheik page with more pictures and information about my process.

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PHEW! It took me all night but I finally got this thing going!! I moved everything involving Cosplay to a new location, building a new cosplay site from almost nothing. I added more information about each costume, tons of pictures, tutorials, and hopefully an easy to navigate layout. But if you do get a little lost, there is a list of all of the site’s pages on the right side bar.  I hope that you enjoy, and please, feel free to leave comments and feedback. Also, if there happen to be any typos or broken pictures, please excuse them, it’s been a long day. If you bring any errors to my attention I will fix them right away. So send me an email. 😀

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Thursday, 7 January 2010

Sheik in progress

I’d say that my Sheik cosplay is about 40% finished. I am wicked excited to wear it this spring.

I received a dress-form this Christmas and it has been a huge help in the construction of this costume. I don’t know how I would have made that corset without it!

Most of the costume is being sewn BY HAND. And I only used one pattern for the hat! That’s it! The shirt, corset, all the little wrapping and funny drape-y things I pieced together with my wonderful adjustable dress form. I am so happy to have it.

yesterday I finished the wig and today, finished the hat. Here’s a list of what’s done and needs to be done….


Hat, Wig, Mask, Corset, Leggings, shoes, gauntlets, leg armour.

Working on…..

Hair ornament, small clasps and clips, sleeves, arm armour, leg wrappings, poncho, scarf thing, back armour, daggar, and and additional props I decide to make.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

I had a really fantastic Halloween! I debuted my Officer Jenny costume and won two contests this weekend with it. On Friday, I wont the University of Hartford Spectrum Halloween Costume Contest: Couples Division with my boyfriend cosplaying as my Growlithe. On Saturday, I got first place in the UHA Science Fiction Society’s Halloween Costume Contest. ❤

I will deffintely wear that costume again. It was very comfortable and durable.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Officer Jenny is on the way.
So I think I’m going to break a personal record for the completion of my Officer Jenny costume. I have only worked a hand full of days on the costume and have completed the hat, skirt (‘sept zipper), and shoes. And the shirt is 80% finished. All that I really have left is to enstall the fasseners and purchase and style the wig. I cannot decide which color wig to buy. Should I go with the dark blue of the old Jenny or the Green-Blue of the new Jenny?

I think that the green will look better with the costume but it is probably going to have to be a custome color job. I would much prefer to buy the wig that color than dye it myself because I don’t know yet if the wig I buy will take dye very well!! I want a costume wig to tease and really poof out at the bottom, but those are made of mystery fiber and so the dye might not stick. >.> I guess I have some thinking to do on that….

Now I also have to dig out my old Pokeballs! If I finish in time, I might just wear this costume for halloween! I love the way that it is turning out. I have two more weeks to finish it before I go back to school.

Ideally, I would like to make a little more progress on Jim Hawking before shcool as well. Yesterday I bought myself a HUGE pair of white pants to turn into his cargo pants. I am a tiny little thing, and so the size 24 that I purchased should contain plenty of fabric to make a pair of baggy pants and pockets on my size 0-1 lower body. They are also too long, so I plan on making the pockets out of what I chop off from the botton. You may wonder why I didn’t just buy fabric to make the pants. It would have been cheap, right? Well these pants were only $6. And I wouldn’t have to just buy fabric, I need the zipper and buttons or hooks for the top of the pants. Those alone would cost me $10 to buy! So buying huge pants with the hardware already installed means less work and cost to me. Sure the alterations will be extensive, but its going to save me time and money in the end so I think it shall work out splendidly. 😀

Back to Jenny for a moment: I need to find a way to color my eyebrows blue. I normally use hair masquera. I wonder if it comes in blue. Well it is Halloween shopping season, so I shall investigate at my local iParty.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

I can’t get enough
So I can’t get enough of this cosplay thing. Conventions always stir up excitement in me for my next costume. For Anime Boston 2010, I will be cosplaying as Officer jenny from Pokemon and Jim Hawking from Outlaw Star. I have already made Gilliam, the ship’s robot that hangs out with Jim. And I’ve made all of Jenny’s buttons and embellishments.

I can’t wait to get my fabric so I can start sewing the actual clothing. Best thing about these two costumes, unlike Julia, they have pockets and even BAGS that are part of the costume. I will have plenty of places to put my things.

I am having a little dilema with how to do Jenny’s hair. Pony tail? Down? Spiked? Realistic? I know I’ll figure somethign out. The bangs I can totally handle and the color is most important anyway.

Monday, 3 August 2009

Connecticon 2009

This weekend I attended Connecticon 2009 at the Connecticut Convention center. I wore my Maka Albarn Costume and debuted my costume of Julia from Cowboy Bebop in her black jumpsuit. And on Sunday I wore a frilly get-up, coordinating with a friend. I participated in a photoshoot for the latter two outfits on Saturday and Sunday and got a bunch of great pictures out of it! Our photographer is amazing and takes some really cool stuff. 😀 I can’t wait to get my hands on those photos so that I can put them on the internet. >.<

I found the crowd at Connecticon to be smaller and older than that of strictly Anime Conventions. Because this convention is a gaming, SciFi, comic book AND anime convention, there was a greater percentage of older attendies, and fewer cosplayers and photographers out and about in the big public spaces.


Parking was very cheap (compared to in Boston) and the Masquerade was FANTASTIC. Other than a slightly obstructed view. The acts were actually entertaining and the participants had costumes that I cared about seeing. The MC’s were also in character (as the Joker, Two-face, and Harle Quin) and were funny but didn’t talk so much that the show dragged on forever. The whole masquerade seemed very well rehersed.

In addition, the panels that I attended were very well done. Informative, funny, and no lines!! Infact, I didn’t wait in a SINGLE LINE ALL CONVENTION.

Air conditioning. Perfect climate control.


No maps or informative posters about. When I’m cosplaying, I don’t want to carry around my program book the whole time. i like it when there is a table, with a simple poster, telling me what’s going on RIGHT NOW. And where. I didn’t know where the screening rooms were either….

No cheap food within the con. There was like One cafe and it was rediculously priced.

Bags needed to be checked before entering the video game room, and on Sunday, the dealer’s room. This made me not want to go in these rooms because I didn’t want to leave all of my stuff, or worse, have to carry it. Also, the entrances and exits to these two rooms were on opposite sides of the room, so if you wanted to go out and back in quick to use a bathroom, it was like a 5 minute walk. :P!!

Closed early at night. Con ended at midnight. ;-; And it wasn’t located in the safest area either.

Main events room—I couldn’t see that well. :O The main events were great but I couldn’t seeeee them. Even with the big screens, the contrast was too high or something and the images were fuzzy and over-exposed and It did not do the cosplayers and performers on stage justice.

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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