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My next article on Nerd Caliber is out, and this one is called, ‘The “Help! What Should I Cosplay Thread,” & 10 Reasons Why We Can’t Answer That Question.’ It’s a long title, but a very descriptive one as well.

You’ve all seen it before: droves of questioning cosplayers, overwhelming public forums looking for ideas on what might be their next big costume hit. Nearly everyone structures these threads the same way; they list their height, measurements, hair color, and maybe a short list of their favorite series. A few forum regulars may stop in to suggest one or two costume ideas, but without more information on the cosplayer and his or her skill level, these suggestions are pretty much given at random. I never see any sort of actual conversation taking place in these threads; they get two or three replies, and then get pushed down in the forum by a dozen other cosplayers who also want to know who to cosplay.

Will the madness ever end?

In this article, I attempt to explain why asking the internet for costume ideas isn’t going to get you what you really want, as well as how even if we the internet sincerely wanted to help you, why we cannot effectively do so. I hope that it is an informative read, and will help you make up your own mind about who to cosplay next.


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With bikini season upon us, I set out a to write an article on diet, exorcise, and cosplay. This article, titled “Is Cosplay An Effective Motivation for Diet and Exercise?” was published on Nerd Caliber on June 5th, and has already received 10,512 hits!

In this article, I asked other cosplayers how looking good in a costume motivates them to stay healthy, and discussed whether or not cosplay as a motivation is practical and sane.

I personally use cosplay as a motivation to focus more on a particular muscle group, but diet and exorcise for me is really part of a healthy lifestyle which trumps the importance of cosplay in my life. Sure, if I am going to be wearing a costume that exposes my stomach or arms, I might work harder on those areas leading up to the convention, but I work out several times a week regardless of my upcoming costume plans. Staying healthy all the time, not just during convention season, means that I am always ready to feel good in a costume, bathing suit, or street clothes.

I think that if people want to use cosplay as a motivation to get healthy, that is just fantastic! Living a healthier lifestyle, no matter what the motivation, is a good thing as long as people stay realistic about their goals and remember not to compare themselves too harshly to the fantasy bodies of their favorite characters. Cosplay provides everyone with the opportunity to be a model. I think that if more people saw their body as an extension of their craft, and as related to their work and performance in the cosplay field, then they would treat their bodies better. People who distance their bodies from their mind and from there work tend to neglect themselves physically. So if we can, as a community, communicate that a healthy (not perfect) body is an integral part of a good costume, maybe cosplayers everywhere will spend as much time at the gym as they do in front of their sewing machines.

You can read my original article by following this link: http://nerdcaliber.com/is-cosplay-an-effective-motivation-for-diet-and-exercise/


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Hey all,

This year was my first time attending the Granite State Comic Con in Manchester, NH.  It was also my first time back in Artist’s Alley since I was a teenager! I have been selling at other festivals in the mean time, but I haven’t been a vendor at an anime convention in a while. Part of the reason is because most artist alleys have just gotten way too big. The overcrowding, ridiculous competition, and huge discrepancies in the quality of work is discouraging at most large conventions. Granite State Comic Con was a wonderfully refreshing change of pace. This con was only one day, Sunday, and ran from 10-4pm. It was small, quick, and painless. It was also a great family convention.

I exhibited this year with a friend, Kelley; we split a table, and tailored our services and inventory to fit a younger audience. Because of the small size of the convention, we were able to do face-painting, temporary tattoos, and caricatures on-site behind our booths. That is something that NO large convention would ever let us do. We were able to get an extra chair from the staff, bring one of our own chairs, and have people sit behind our booths inside the artist square. Our neighbors were very friendly about it, but we made every effort to stay as compact as possible regardless. At most conventions, we would never be able to get an extra chair, and the space behind booths are normally way too small to have more than two people behind the table. Let alone a child and their parent. At big conventions, you also have to be concerned with blocking the narrow hall-ways, so chairs or standing room in front of a booth is also out of the question.

We met some really nice people at this convention too! Everyone was so friendly, and all of the vendors seemed very passionate and professional. Artist’s Alley was combined with the dealers room and I think that really encouraged steady traffic.

I didn’t get a chance to go to any panels, but I heard good things about the costume contest from other con-goers. The costumes in general were very good when present!

The ridiculously low admission was also a huge plus with this convention: $8 for adults and only $4 if you were in costume! That is just unheard of. The price of a booth was also very affordable, and it included admission, which fewer and fewer cons are doing these days, which I think is ridiculous. If you are renting a booth, you are there to work, not have fun, so give the vendors a free pass or two!

Overall I was very happy with my experience at Granite State Comic Con. Though it wasn’t a huge money maker because of its small size and short duration, it was a very small investment with cheap parking, and great people. I will definitely go again!

I left my camera in the car, but I did take this picture on my phone of Kelley, my table associate, with a balloon sword.

Don’t forget to check out my work at http://shaunart.net

Thanks for reading!



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Hey Everyone!

I will be exhibiting at the Granite State Comicon Artists Alley this Sunday, June 10th, 700 Elm Street, Radisson Center – Manchester, NH

The convention is a one-day event, and runs from 10am – 6pm. The artist’s alley opens at 10 and closes at 4pm. I will be exhibiting with a friend, and together, we will be doing caricatures, selling prints, henna tattoos, face painting, and more.

Admission for adults is only $8!!!

The convention will have costume contests, panels, and special guests.

If you are in New England and want to check out a small, up-and-coming convention, then you should stop by!

You can find more information on the convention on their website: http://www.granitecon.com/


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