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At Anime Boston 2011, our newly formed cosplay group, Meta Cosplay had a fabulous photoshoot with Keith Cristal, also known as TheBigTog. Unfortunately, our photoshoot fell on a very rainy, dark day, so we had to take pictures inside. But, our colorful costumes do a lot to brighten up this staircase.

Howl's Moving Castle Cosplay Group, Anime Boston 2011

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SO! I just got the pictures from that photoshoot I was talking about. You know, right? That really awesome one with those really awesome Link and Zelda cosplayers? Here’s the facebook page for their cosplay group “BLiTZ cosplay”.  The photographer was also, obviously amazing. All photos were taken by Keith Cristal, aka TheBigTog. Here’s his flickr page.

This photoshoot was cool because we shot it at night! And I got to climb on a lamp post. Okay, enough talking–here’s the pictures.

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