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Hey readers! If you are looking for some unique gifts to get the cosplayer, geek, or art enthusiast in your life, I will be having a Black Friday sale in my Etsy Shop!

Starting Friday, Nov 23rd at Midnight, Enter the code “Turkey” to receive 20% off any item in the shop! The sale will run all weekend and through Cyber Monday, ending on the 27th at Midnight. I understand that most of you will not be shopping online for Black Friday, and would rather hit the stores. That’s why I’m having the sale last all weekend, so that everyone has a chance to take their time and browse at their leisure. Many other Etsy shops will also be having sales this weekend, so be sure to search Etsy for other gift ideas as well. I have listed some brand new items just for this sale, and if my work schedule goes well, I may have even more new listings Saturday and Sunday. Happy Hunting! And Happy Thanksgiving.

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Finally, the last Steampunk Photo Shoot post from Bushnell Park. This post has one extra picture than the others, because I wanted to wrap things up here.

Here is a nice one of Kelley and I posing in front of the fountain looking super cool. By now the wind had let up a little and the sun was starting to make things a little easier for us. That is why I think that the fountain pictures came out especially nice. The colors were all really fantastic around us, even for late fall.

I think this is a nice dynamic shot. If you have been reading my earlier postings of photos from this shoot, you will see me talking about my strategies to look slightly off balance in an effort to get a dynamic shot. Well, I was certainly off balance here, but tried not to let my face show it. That nice wind that made that awesome line with my skirt also almost pushed me over.

This is another nice one for its density of detail. Look at all those things to look at!

A very epic shot in front of the fountain.

And finally, the perfect lens-flair shot. We got this one on our first try. It looks just like a movie poster to me. Thank you for reading!

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Alright, two more steampunk posts to go until I have posted all of the photos.

We will start here with perhaps my favorite shot of my costume from the entire shoot. I am not even looking at the camera and this shot came out to say everything I wanted to say about this costume and this character. Well composed, well lit, and the wind was finally taking a break. You can see every part of the costume here and everything is moving together. So glad we got this shot.

Here is a nice one of us walking across the field in our outfits, and what a green field it is.

Here is another really nice on of kelley posing with the statues of the fountain, looking just as majestic, herself.

And another one of me crossing the fountain.

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The third installment of our steampunk photo shoot in Bushnell park!

I love this shot. I feel very glamourous in it and I loved that doorway because it shielded me from the wind and the sun and allowed me to actually pose with my face as well as my body. This is one of my favorite shots of my costume as well because everything is behaving and falling just where it is supposed to. I think the shadows are great, and the composition awesome.

This is a shot of Kelley’s behind. She spend a lot of time in her butterfly bustle, and wanted to be sure to document its wings.

Here is another cool shot from in front of that cool old wall. In this instance the wind was actually working in my favor to give me some movie-star hair. I also like that I managed to keep my eyes open. You may notice some differences between this costume and the same one which I wore to New York Comic Con. Here I decided to trade in my adventure boots and leg warmers for some heels to create a longer leg. It works better in some shots than others, but I do like the look.

Here is a fantastic shot of kelley crossing the fountain. Very glamourous, very colorful, and very well lit. More on the way!

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Another set of photos from our recent steampunk photo shoot in Bushnell park. 

Again I want to remind everyone of the wind this day. This doorway was quite a place of refuge for us, where the wind could make our eyes water and our noses red a little bit less.

Not sure what I am attempting to do over by this wall here, but it is a cool looking wall, isn’t it?

We also found a lovely fountain to take pictures by which was also period accurate, just like the bridges and walls we are seen with.

Pretend walking around the fountain is harder than it looks. I wasn’t moving here, but I had to position my feet one in front of the other like I was walking like a lady. It gave the wind a much more toppley Shauna to push around. When posing, you always want to elongate and twist your body in seemingly unstable ways. In fact, the more off balance you look, the more dynamic and whimsical that picture will be. In my effort to look off balance, I think I almost fell into that fountain like four times. But my skirt looks awesome, doesn’t it?

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Hey all, I finally have all the pictures back from the recent photo shoot of my new steampunk outfit. The photo shoot was conducted in Hartford at the beautiful Bushnell park. Many of the park’s landmarks were built during the victorian era, giving the shoot that extra touch of authenticity. Now, as exciting as these photos are, you know I can’t give them to you all at once! I will post four pictures at a time, as to not make the posts too long. So check back all next week!

This first picture is of me in my American-gypsy-cancan costume. In steampunk, it is customary to invent a character on which to base your costume. Mine is of an American pioneer dancer. Though this photo shows off the costume really well, it was terribly windy that day, and a good chunk of my shots featured my hair all in my mouth and over my eyes.

This is a shot of our lovely behinds! This photo shoot was of both myself, and my friend Kelley. Also an American character, but in this case, she is a former soldier. Both of our characters are said to have fled the states after getting into some sort of trouble. That’s about all of a backstory we needed to make some pretty unconventional steampunk outfits for our unconventional characters. Despite all the frills and lace, they are strong, risqué, and independent female characters for this conservative alternative era.

This is the front of Kelley’s costume. Again, she looks great here despite the wind and the freezing cold temperatures that day.

And the last photo for this post; the two of us together. These photos are just a little teaser for you. There are plenty more spectacular shots to come! Thanks for reading.

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Great news for those of you who have been following the creation of my latest Steampunk costume! I am scheduled for a photoshoot tomorrow morning in a park in CT to better document the costumes which were overwhelmed by New York Comic Con. I have made a few accessory changes to the ensemble, and am excited to finally get some decent pictures of this costume, and the costumes of the other ladies in my Cosplay group. I should have pictures for you shortly. Thank you again for following me!

I also hope that everyone had a lovely Halloween! If you didn’t, I hope you have a great party to go to this weekend. Because of Hurricane Sandy, Halloween didn’t feel like Halloween for me this year. Not much to do in terms of decorating because it would just get blown away, and I never did get a chance to go buy a pumpkin to carve.

I know that there are several million people out there still without power, and I hope that they are all warm, fed, and in good spirits. They probably did not have an awesome Halloween. These freak Halloween storms are quickly becoming an annual occurrence it seems, and I hope that after this tragedy people will wake up to the real effects of climate change! How many storms is it going to take? Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and it is a shame to see it ruined two years in a row now by freakishly strong storms. Strong storms are bad news anytime of year but those which occur during the holiday season are all the more devastating. This should be a season of celebration, not of mourning and recovery.

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