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Here are some cute convention photos of Gaston and his Bimbettes from Connecticon 2012

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Here are some more stand-out pictures from my latest cosplay. You can find the page for this costume, with more pictures and construction details here!


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Here are a few pictures from my latest cosplay, debuted at Connecticon 2012, Gaston and his Bimbettes. I am Claudia, the one in red. The Bimbettes do have names believe it or not! Claudia (red), Paula (green), and Laura (yellow.) At least I think that’s the order.

While at the Convention we met a great looking Belle, and asked her to join us for a photoshoot. These are just a few teaser photos! You will have to visit the construction page to see more.

Our original coordinated group is here below. We all made our costumes collaboratively over the internet so that they would all match when the convention finally arrived.

You can find more pictures and construction details on this page!

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