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At Anime Boston 2011, our newly formed cosplay group, Meta Cosplay had a fabulous photoshoot with Keith Cristal, also known as TheBigTog. Unfortunately, our photoshoot fell on a very rainy, dark day, so we had to take pictures inside. But, our colorful costumes do a lot to brighten up this staircase.

Howl's Moving Castle Cosplay Group, Anime Boston 2011

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Our newly formed cosplay group, Meta Cosplay, had a wonderful time being interviewed by Nerd Caliber . Watch the video below or follow the link to their site.

To see more on my Sophie costume, visit the page!

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Last Sunday my friends and I got together to work on our Howl’s Moving Castle cosplay for this year’s Anime Boston. Since my Sophie costume is done, I decided to help out Howl by making him a necklace.  I crafted the big blue bead out of sculpey III, and covered it in nail-polish to make it shine! Then I strung some golden beads on thread in a manner which closely resembles the look of Howl’s Necklace in the cartoon. Unfortunately, Howl’s cartoon necklace has oddly spaced beads which don’t work out too well in reality, so I modified the design a little to make the best of what was available to me.

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This weekend I cut and styled our Howl wig! It was a really simple cut. All I did was add bangs. I put in a little bit of product to help make the wig jut a tad piecey. This wig is going to be in the cosplayer’s face all day because Howl’s bangs are so long, so adding a little bit of product to the bangs makes them softer and easier to keep out of the eyes. Just a gentle reminder to everyone, I do take commissions on cutting and styling wigs for cosplay. 😀

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All of my accessories for Sophie, and the earrings for Howl are done, and photos have been uploaded to flickr. I apologize for the tilted pic. I can’t figure out how to rotate them after I uploaded them to flickr.

First off, I made two different rings for Sophie, first is the whole red rings that Howl gives her, and the second is the deteriorating ring that she has while traveling through time. Watch the movie if you don’t know what I am talking about, it is a fantastic film. I made both these rings carefully out of sculpey III and finished them with a high-gloss spray top-coat.

Next we have Howl’s Earrings. Since the cosplayer who will wear these does not have his ears pierced, I made clip-on earrings out of more sculpey, spray gloss, and pre-made clip-on earring backs.

I also made a Calcifer Plushy out of scrap fabric I had lying around!

And lastly, here are the bloomers that I will be wearing under the Sophie costume. I made them with white cotton and elastic.

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