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Remember that skirt I posted in this post? Well I told you I had added channels inside the seams to put draw-strings through so that I could bustle and change the skirt to fit the occasion, and now, I have pictures to share!

Here is that very same skirt with the drawstrings tied up. I bought some extra long shoe laces off of ebay, and strung them through the channels. When the drawstrings are untied, the skirt hangs at its full length, but when you pull the drawstring, the skirt gathers around it to form this stunning bustle.

Here is a close up,

And from the other side. The skirt can’t be made super short, but it the drawstring can pull it up to about my knees, if I wanted.

Yup, I’m very happy with how it turned out.

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When making any historically inspired costume, it is important to have the right undergarments to give the costume the correct shape.

Above is a hoop skirt, which is an effective way of holding a skirt in an otherwise unnatural and gravity defying shape. Hoop skirts require less material than if you were to try and achieve the same effect with an all netting petticoat. Hoop skirts are essentially a set of two to four round metal rings, sewn into a skirt. Then netting is placed over the skirt to smooth out the hoops and add a little extra volume.

It is more cost effective to buy a low-end hoop skirt with only a little tulle than it is to buy the materials to make one from scratch. So I made my hoop skirt by purchasing a low-end skirt off ebay, and adding my own petticoat netting to increase its volume and smooth out the hoops. I have heard of several other costumers doing this as well, and the results have all looked very nice.

This next odd undergarment is called a bustle pillow. It sits underneath a limp bustle to poof it up and show off it’s ideal shape. It basically makes your butt look ginormous, which was very stylish during the Victorian era.

I made this pillow using my own very simple pattern which I will be uploading soon. This one is just plain white cotton, pillow stuffing, and white ribbon. But some bustle pillows can be quite elaborate with colors, bows, lace, and embroidery. I decided to keep things simple, since its not intended to be seen while I’m wearing the bustle.

I’ll be posting pictures of clothing over these undergarments shortly. Until then, thanks for reading!

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