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Since the last costume I put up for sale went so fast, I decided to list two more on the Cosplay.com marketplace. These costumes were made years ago, and I will definitely not be wearing them again. But that doesn’t mean that someone else doesn’t have a use for them.

Up for sale is a Sailor Mars partial costume, size children’s 14-16 to Juniors XS -S, at a ridiculously low price because of the less-than-perfect condition of the item, as well as one of my very first costumes: Inuyasha’s red kimono and necklace, also at a great price because I was just learning to sew when I made it.

You can find the complete listings here: Sailor Mars    InuYasha


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At this year’s Connecticon I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to team up with Nerd Caliber, an online nerd news network, to help them interview Connecticon’s cosplayers. We filmed on Friday and Saturday and interviewed a whole bunch of different cosplayers, male & female, anime & video game, comic related & meme inspired. I got to work in front of the camera, asking cosplayers about their outfits, how they made them, and why they chose to cosplay as they did.

I had a blast covering the con and meeting new people; the cosplayers’ reactions were so positive and enthusiastic that I’ve gained a lot of new facebook friends since the con, and most of them are asking, “you were the lady interviewing people, right!? When will the videos be up?” Well, I am happy to say that the videos are finally up!!!

You can also view this and other Nerd Caliber videos at www.nerdcaliber.com. I have also added this video to my own website where you can gain quick access to all videos featuring myself with Nerd Caliber. Just go to Shaunart.net>Artwork>Videos or click here.

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—This Item Has Been SOLD—-

Size: US Small

Condition: Very Good♥

Hello all, I have decided that it is time to sell my Tear Grants cosplay to someone who can use it, instead of taking it apart for fabric. I will sell to whoever makes the best offer, but am aiming for $45 + shipping for this costume.

For sale is Tear Grants cosplay dress, arm warmers, and boot-covers. A Fixer-upper-cosplay, and a great value!!! Wig, tights, shoes, and white gloves not included.

Dress was only worn once, has no stains or tares. Made from a beautiful and elegant polished Polyester, white bias tape, and gray lace. Dress and accessories were made years ago, and have been safely stored in a dry, dark place ever since. No moth-holes, costume is clean, and comes from a smoke-free home. Fabric alone is worth the price of the costume as I have listed it. Sides of dress are interfaced so that they hold their shape, as is collar.

The shape of this dress is very flattering and easy to get in and out of. There is a concealed zipper on the side, half covered by one side panel which is removable with velcro. To put the dress on, you remove one side panel, unzip the zipper, un-velcro the collar, slip on, re-zip, re-velcro.

US size small. Recommended measurements for this garment: bust: 30-32.5″ waist: 24-26.5″ hips: 31-34″ If the weight on your hips sits low, you may be able to wear dress with larger hips because of separation at sides under side panels, but for the best fit, I recommend hips of no more than 34″

Costume *is not perfect,* but sold as is; not all stitches are straight, and some stitches were done by hand. If you buy this costume, you may want to re-stitch the basting on the accessories. Imperfect stitches are almost all basted, and will take only moments to take out. Costume still photographs very well. Arm hole hem needs to be clipped to lay-flat, but I leave it up to you to decide how you want to go about this. Fixing up this costume will not be difficult; buying this costume will save you a ton of time and the most challenging parts are already done for you, I just didn’t have the time to do the details justice.

This is an example of side panel removed, zipper exposed. This is how you get in and out of the costume.

Shipping not included in price, and will be determined based on your location.

I will accept best offer.

Paypal only.

Email Shaunart@hotmail.com  if interested.

Thank you.

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Here’s a treat; some bonus X-23 & X-men photos not included in our photographer’s original photo-shoot upload picks. I selected and color corrected these photos myself for your entertainment. I think we still look pretty cool in these photos, so why not share them?

Thanks for reading!

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Finally, the photos from the X-men shoot from Connecticon 2011 are here. I’d like to thank Christina Colon for photographing us in our costumes.

So our X-men cosplay group started off with just Cyclops, Mystique, X-23, and Sabertooth. But along the way we picked up a Nightcrawler and Rogue.

This is me in my Laura Kinney cosplay, a.k.a. X-23 as seen in Marvel vs. Capcom 3

This is Kelley as Mystique. It took us about two hours to paint her blue.

This is Ryan, whose oversized coat and shoulder pads make him look a lot scarier than he is. Though that is his real hair.

Finally, Lou played Cyclops with a light-up LED visor.

Here are the mutants with an edge.

My talons were carved from pine wood and riveted to detachable Velcro gloves which I made for the sole purpose of mounting these things to my hands.

And here are the all around good guys, the X-men.

Next, we pretended to fight.

What is a super hero photoshoot without a few action shots?

It was a good time.

My costume is made almost entirely out of PVC. You can read more about how I constructed it on the X-23 page.

I had made talons for my feet, but they were so hard to walk in, I took them off almost immediately.

Ryan (Sabertooth) is sporting some pretty snazzy fake nails which he sharpened and painted himself.

A little photoshop for dramatic effect: this photo manipulation done by Christina Colon

Here is a shot of Cyclop’s light up visor.

One of the toughest part of playing a bad guy is trying not to smile in pictures!

At the end of the day, we all had a great time cosplaying from the X-men, and hope to wear the costumes again soon.

Thanks for reading!

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I am seriously thinking of making a steampunk outfit to wear to cons, festivals, and whenever I feel like confusing civilians on the street. I’m so serious that I’ve begun meticulously researching and sketching my steam-punk ambitions. There are two pencil sketches to get my thoughts in order, and one color design that combines my favorite elements from both.

Sketch by Shauna Leva

Sketch by Shauna Leva

In this color sketch, the skirt will be made with four draw-strings, allowing me to change the length and degree of bustle of the skirt at will. I can make the front shorter, the side shorter, the whole thing shorter….you get the idea. Or I can wear the whole skirt at full length, which will be near my ankles.

Sketch by Shauna Leva

Please, let me know what you think!! Should I make this costume? It would be a lot of work, so I want to get opinions on how I can improve the design before I get started.

Thanks in advance!

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Photo by Jack Parra

The full X-23 Cosplay page and X-Men Photoshoot are on the way.

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