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SO! I just got the pictures from that photoshoot I was talking about. You know, right? That really awesome one with those really awesome Link and Zelda cosplayers? Here’s the facebook page for their cosplay group “BLiTZ cosplay”.  The photographer was also, obviously amazing. All photos were taken by Keith Cristal, aka TheBigTog. Here’s his flickr page.

This photoshoot was cool because we shot it at night! And I got to climb on a lamp post. Okay, enough talking–here’s the pictures.

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So these really awesome Link and Zelda cosplayers who I met at Anime Boston, asked me to be in a photo shoot with this this weekend at Connecticon. The photographer is TheBigTog aka Keith, and he was absolutely  amazing to work with. He has a preview of the photoshoot up on his Flickr now. Photoshoot Preview

I cannot wait to see the rest of the pictures.

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I cannot believe how quickly this event is coming up. It’s because I’ve been busy lately, and I just haven’t had any time to prepare. I haven’t even figured out my cosplay schedule entirely yet!!

Though I do have some exciting news. First off, I am scheduled to be in a Legend of Zelda photoshoot sporting my sheik costume, which I am still reworking a tad. I need to find a way to get the tanto to be both removable, and firmly attached with out flopping all over the place. For Anime Boston I just sewed it right to the back of the costume, and it stayed on very well, but sitting down, especially in cars became a problem. So I’m messing around with some magnets hoping to find a more comfortable solution. Anyway, the photoshoot is going to be at night, which sounds very appropriate for our Twilight Princess designs.

Secondly, I was accepted into the Cosplay chess even at Connecticon. The event is scheduled for Sunday afternoon at 12 pm. I’ve never participated in a cosplay chess before, but I do have a couple of friends who were also accepted. Funny coincidence with that story; my boyfriend and I signed up separately to participate in the Cosplay chess, neither one being guaranteed a spot in the event, and neither one of us having any connection to one another on the applications. But as fate would have it, the chess coordinator assigned Josh (Ike) to be my (Sheik’s) special attack! I was very pleased. So much chuckling; I thought it was a great coincidence because we now have extra time to coordinate our “special attack.” Then Josh mentioned that the coordinator simply may have seen us together in photos on Cosplay.com or in our reference and put us together for that reason or was at least influenced by the cosplay pictures of us together….but I still like to think that its just an awesome coincidence.

I will be sure to let you all know how the event goes!! I’m super excited.

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