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Reworking Sheik

new finger wrappings

I have started the process of reworking parts of my Sheik costume in preparation for Connecticon and a photoshoot. I have already completed the re-styling of the wig, as it got a little messy after wearing it all weekend. Also, I have finished remaking my finger wrappings. I lost one at Anime Boston and the others started to come unravelled after washing my hands with them on repeatedly. I have found a more permanent, washable glue with which to remake the wrappings, and hopefully I will not have the same problem again.

On the agenda still to work on is the scale-male on her elbow guards and upper torso. I have not yet found a solution to this interesting texture problem….but I’m keeping my eye open for some appropriate crochet or something. I also want to work on making my tanto de-tachable from the costume. Driving to the convention in costume was a pain in the back–because the tanto could not fit comfortably into a car seat. Hopefully I can rig up a system of magnets that will hold the tanto in place throughout the convention, but allow me to remove it when I need to sit down.

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