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I’ve noticed lately how a lot of anime characters, especially in the martial arts business, wear pretty simple clothing. If you are looking for a real simple base to build your character’s clothing off of, you should think of starting with some scrubs. They’re easy to find, and cheap, cheap cheap. But depending on the brand, some of them are quite comfortable and even…stylish??
Anyway, here are a few costumes that you can make by altering scrubs. First off, Uruhara from Bleach. That green Yakama under his Kimono…cotton scrubs! Then there’s Goku, and all the other Dragon Ball Z characters who aren’t aliens. And Ken and Ryu from street fighter.

Scrubs aren’t the only medical uniforms good for costuming. There’s also, of course, the lab coat. Tons of anime and video game characters wear white lab coats.

For example, we have the creepy half-life doctors, Ritsuko from Evangelion, and Icchan from Angelic Layer.

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Hey everyone, so a new product was brought to my attention. It is a cheaper alternative to photoshop for picture editing, and the program apparently does most of the work for you. Kind of like the facebook App Picnic. The program is called Krome Treatment. http://www.kromephotos.com

Here is a brief summary from the Krome people themselves that want you to sign up for this. 

All year long, people take hundreds or even thousands of photos to capture memories of their vacations, weddings, birthday parties and everyday moments.

· For many people, they do not have the time to edit and sort though all of these photos, leaving them to just sit on their camera or computer. · To solve this, Krome Photos is your personal photo manager, offering editing, enhancing, sharing, and back-up of your favorite memories. · With Krome, your uploaded photos are hand-selected and edited by a professional photo editor for color correction, red-eye correction, cropping, and artistic retouching. · Whether it’s one or a hundred photos, Krome’s editors will make your photos stand out, allowing anyone’s photos to look professional. · Photos can also be tagged for easy sorting and organization in your Krome dashboard, and easily shared to your friends and family through Facebook, Shutterfly, Kodak, HP Snapfish or email.

· Give your first 25 pictures the full Krome Treatment for free and see how the Krome Treatment gives photo memories the attention they deserve.

They do color correction, red eye correction, cropping, “artistic retouching” and let you sort and tag your photos online. http://www.kromephotos.com

Honestly, the examples that they have on their website don’t look too bad. Yes, there is a lot more that you can do with Photoshop, but if you don’t know how to work the program, don’t own it, or don’t have time, http://www.kromephotos.com doesn’t look like a bad thing to try out.

After all, a Cosplay is only as good as the photographs that document it.

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