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I started with a wig I got off eBay that was the PERFECT color. (Looks a little too blue in these photos though) It is mid-back length with super long bangs. First, twist the bangs into three sections and apply light heat with a hair dryer for 5 seconds at a time at the roots to train the fibers to separate this way

once the sections are molded, cut the bangs to the desired length.

using combined heat and got 2b glued hair gel, mold the bangs into chunky, spiky sections. Additional cutting to shape bangs may be needed.

Now cut the back of the wig into three sections of subtle, LONG LAYERS. Keep it soft and wispy. And imagine the spikes you’re going to make as you cut.

Another view of the cut.

Working from the top down, wrap chunks of hair around a drinking glass and apply heat to curl slightly. Then, holding the hair into ring-shapes, spray each spike with got 2b glued BLASTING SPRAY to get the curls to stay in the air.

work you’re way down the rest of the wig, curling one spike at a time, and finishing off the ends with got 2b glued gel/cream.



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