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I made these fake cigarettes out of model magic and it was really quite easy. I rolled some model magic out in my hand and cut it into segments with a knife. I flattened both ends by applying light pressure. Then I roughed up the ”burning” end with the tip of my finger nail. After the model magic hardened, I colored the tip and the filter with simple, everyday markers.

Pros: “Model Magic” by crayola is a non-toxic, no-baking-needed modeling material that does not stain, dries in 24 hours, is incredibly light-weight, and can be painted. It adhears to itself and can easily be bonded to wire, wood, and fabric. It is easily shaped with hands or tools and can be ripped or cut with normal scissors.

Cons: Large props (bigger than a shoe) should not be made out of model magic alone. Model Magic is not the strongest of materials, and will collapse under its own weight if no additional support system is used. Thick mounds of Model Magic may not harden completely. The inside will remain soft. Model Magic is easily dented with sharp objects, even after drying.

These buttons were shaped with my hands as well. Roll, squish on one side with a cupped hand so that one side is flat and the other round. Attach a loop to the back or poke a hole through the buttons with a toothpick so that it can be attached to your garment. Colored with silver sharpie.

Conclusion: Use model magic for small props that do not need to bear weight. It is great for prop jewelry, fake buttons and buckles, oddly shaped hair accessories, and for embellishing larger props.

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